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Our turned edge folders are hand-made using hymnal and book binding materials.   Each folder comes standard with two vertical pockets, and one handstrap on the back cover. The configuration and dimensions can be changed to meet your needs.  Available in 40 colors of cloth and 4 colors of bonded leather. Other colors available for minimum quantity.  Folders are not stocked, but rather made after they are ordered. This gives us the flexibility to make your folders the way  you want them.
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Turned Edge Book Cloth Anthem Choir Folders
Hardware Style





3-ring (3/4") 16.65 15.45 14.90 14.00
3-ring (1") 16.95 15.75 15.20 14.30
3-ring (1 1/4") 17.15 15.95 15.40 14.50
Elastic Band 17.90 16.70 16.15 15.25
Rod 17.90 16.70 16.15 15.25

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Additional Folder Options
Option Price Per Folder
Change Dimensions $2.50
Extra Handstrap $2.00
Pencil Pocket $2.00
Bonded Leather $1.00
Square Metal Corners - Gold or Silver $2.00
Removable Hardware, Post and Screw - only available for 3 ring hardware. $1.75
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Printing of Name or Logo - may require camera ready art
Foil Colors: Gold, Silver, White, Black.  For other colors, call for information
Individual Name $8.00
1" x 2" image area    $25 one time die charge $20 setup plus $1.00 per folder
Larger than 1" x 2"   $40 one time die charge $40 set up charge plus $1.00 per folder


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