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Director's Lighted Baton

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Battery Powered Conductor's Baton
Long lasting LED.  Powered by one AAA battery.  Tail click switch.  Battery access through twist off tail cap.   Typical lighting time on one battery is approximately 2 to 3 hrs.  Includes one battery.
 LED light - uses C4 LED technology with anticipated bulb life of 10,000 hrs.  Remember to remove battery for long term storage.
Buy one for $59.00 or two for $98.00


Chemical Lighted Baton    Currently out of stock
Comes with  wooden handled baton shaft and four light sticks.  Not recommended with use with competing electric lighting. $36.95
Green light stick refills 2 pack $10.95
Replacement handle  $17.95


Mollard Conducting Batons
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Handcrafted from the finest exotic woods.
Batons $29.95 each
Cases $91.95 each

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